The Genealogical Records

The Ancesteral Families of:
King James IX & IV
The Catholic Heir to the Throne of Great Britain.


The purpose of this website is to accurately determine and locate the genealogical descent of James Robert-Warwick S. York-Plantagenet Stuart, and document it for public genealogical research purposes.

The goal of this research project is to determine the position of royal succession to the Crown based on current equality laws, and notwithstanding the religious discrimination currently upheld under the Terms of the Act of Settlement 1701 respectively requires such research projects to be undertaken and comissioned to formally adjust and modify the line of succession under the rule of law, in order to provide immediate remedy to the discrimination of Catholic Heirs to the Crown, such as James IX according to the existing rule of law;

We will be publishing chart descent tables, diagrams and analysis of each of the descent lines, as according to tradition: For a person to be considered a 'pretender' to the throne; (A pretender is a person who has legitmate claim to the Crown, but does not yet have possession thereof), they must be able to document and trace their lineage, in most cases, this is the primogeniture rule, however, there can be exceptions to this rule, i.e. if the primogeniture line has become extant or untraceable, it then descends via the maternal, to the next available male to resume the primogeniture rule.

This is what occured when Charles III (James IX's 13th cousin), became the appointed monarch of Great Britain, his ascent to the Throne was not via his father, as primogeniture rule would determine accordingly to tradition, but instead, stepped to Elizabeth II as Queen, upon the Abdication of her brother, King Edward VIII of Great Britain, thus Charles became King through his mother, reverting then accordingly back to the tradition Succession of Scottish Kings, to which Scottish tradition determines that the Kings of Scotland enter the world via their mother, and not their father (primogeniture), and thus restoring equity to the method of Succession;

However, the Act of Settlement 1701 itself is automatically in breach of British Laws of Equality and Human Rights Law, and as it stands, the provisions that which deny succession rights on the basis of religion, or its chosen belief is a breach to the respective legislation such as the Human Rights Act 1998, S.13 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Article 9 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion); and the Equality Act 2010, S.10.

  • The Stuart Ancestors of King James IX